When Mother Nature is not providing her fair share of water during the warmer seasons of the year, it would be wise to have artificial rainfall in place — an underground irrigation system. Your plants and turf will love you for this as well. You will see a visible difference in your overall plant and turf health when it comes to color, vigor, density and growth. Plantings and turfgrass — which are small plantings- need an particular amount of water or moisture on a regular basis to perform to their optimal ability. This is the way Mrs. Nature created it. At Top Notch we can design and install an irrigation system for you and your landscape to ensure that all of your plantings are happy and healthy. We can also add an element of mystery to your nightlife, the nightlife in your garden. There are a number of ways to accent your softscapes and your hardscapes through the art of nightlighting. Soft lighting for a more elegant feel or more of a spotlighting to make an appearance or for security. Whichever the direction, we can continue to show-off your landscape — even at night.